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Responsive web design course

Looking for a professional, responsive web design course in Coimbatore, we offer in out responsive website designing training, following is our bootstrap CSS curriculum.

Responsive web design Course Details

Duration:  15 Hours
Price:  Rs. 6000 (Six Thousand Only)
Timing:  5 Hours a Week

Responsive web design Course structure

  • Bootstrap framework
  • BootStrap CSS
  • Project

Bootstrap CSS

Bootstrap CSS

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  • Introduction To Bootstrap
  • Introduction to Grid
  • Introduction to Bootstrap framework
  • The Grid
  • Controlling The Grid Across Devices
  • Column Offsets
  • Using Nested Columns
  • Column Ordering
  • Responsive Images
  • Flexible fonts
  • Flexible grid
  • Responsive Utility Classes
  • Media Queries and Breakpoints
  • Coding Rows And Columns
  • Using Containers
  • Custom Typography
  • Navigation Bar
  • Fixing The Navigation Bar
  • Dropdowns
  • Button Options