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Java Web Development course

Looking for a professional institute to learn JAVA Web Development course in Coimbatore then your search ends here. We Designwebsites have designed a wonderful course to suit your professional requirements. Our faculties are experienced in working with real time Java development environment. We firmly believe that studying with us can change your career completely. We share you, our experience, tips and tricks involved in production environment.

Why Learn Java

Java is widely used in developing complex and secured web applications world wide. Good Java developers are always in demand. So learning Java Web Development course can kick start your career goals efficiently. Our course is strategically designed to suit the current trends and industry requirements.

Java Web Development
Course Details

Duration:   30 Hours
Price:   Rs. 15000 (Fifteen Thousand Only)
Timing:   5 Hours a Week

Java Web Development
Course structure

  • Introduction to J2EE
  • Java Server Technology
  • Java Server Pages
  • Hibernate
  • Project

Introduction to J2EE

  • J2EE Overview
  • Why J2EE?
  • J2EE Architecture
  • J2EE APIs
  • J2EE Containers.

Java Server Technology

  • Servlet
  • Web Application Basics.
  • Architecture and challenges of Web Application.


  • Introduction to Servlets
  • Overview
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • A Simple Servlet
  • Http Servlet
  • Http Request
  • Http Response
  • Request Dispatcher
  • Http Session
  • Servlet Context
  • Servlet XML Configuration
  • Understanding GET and POST


  • Getting familiar with
    your JSP server
  • Your first JSP
  • Adding dynamic content via expressions
  • Scriptlets
  • Mixing Scriptlets and HTML
  • Directives
  • Declarations
  • Tags & Sessions
  • Beans and Forms Processing
  • Controllers
  • Tag Libraries
  • Form Editing
  • Login pages

Java Server Technologies


  • Web Application Basics.
  • Architecture and challenges of Web Application.
  • Introduction to servlet
  • Servlet life cycle
  • Developing and Deploying Servlets
  • Exploring Deployment Descriptor (web.xml).
  • Handling Request and Response
  • Initializing a Servlet
  • Accessing Database
  • Servlet Chaining
  • Session Tracking & Management
  • Dealing with cookies
  • Transferring Request
  • Sharing information using scope object
  • Accessing Web Context
  • Passing INIT and CONTEXT Parameter
  • Controlling concurrent access
  • User Authentication
  • Filtering Request and Response
  • Programming Filter
  • Filter Mapping
  • Servlet Listeners

Java Server Pages

  • Basic JSP Architecture
  • Life Cycle of JSP
    (Translation, compilation)
  • JSP Tags and
  • Role of JSP in MVC-2
  • JSP with Database
  • JSP Implicit Objects
  • JSP Expression
    Language (EL)
  • Using Custom Tag
  • JSP Capabilities:
  • Exception Handling
  • Session Management
  • Tag Libraries & Directives
  • JSP with Java Bean

Struts –Part 1

  • Overview
  • MVC design pattern
  • Characteristics of the MVC design pattern
  • Benefits of the MVC design pattern
  • View, controller, and Struts

Struts-Part 2

  • Struts actions
  • Struts development tools
  • Creating a simple Struts application
  • Creating and testing a Struts application
  • Adding Struts support to a dynamic Web project
  • Struts based Web applications

Spring –Part1

  • Benefits of Using Spring Framework
  • Spring Framework Architecture
  • Spring Environment Setup
  • Spring Hello World Example
  • Adding Required Libraries
  • Creating Source Files
  • Creating Bean Configuration File & Running the Program

Spring –Part 2

  • Creating Spring
    Web Project
  • Spring Ioc Containers
  • Spring Bean Definition
  • Spring Dependency Injection
  • Event Handling in spring
  • AOP with Spring
  • JDBC Framework Overview


  • Hibernate ORM Basics
  • Hibernate Object States Revealed
  • Hibernate Session Factory
  • Hibernate Mapping
  • Hibernate Association Mappings
  • Hibernate Query
    Support through HQL,
    Native SQL, and Criteria


Students need develop a dynamic website using JAVA in student preferred topic.

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