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Ajax Course in Coimbatore

Ajax helps you to build faster dynamic pages. Advantage with AJAX is that it allows web pages to be update the data faster without reloading the entire page. Ajax is widely used in several portals and renowned websites to improve the user experience. Ajax is used widely by web developers to improve the functionality of the page.

Prerequisites for the Ajax Course

Experience of using PHP and MySQL for building dynamic web pages, basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Ajax Course Details

Duration:   16 Hours
Price:   Rs. 6000 (Six Thousand Only)
Timing:  5 Hours a Week

Ajax Course structure

  • Ajax Course
  • Project

AJAX and the Future of
Web Applications

  • Delivering Functionality
    via Web
  • Advantages of Web
  • Building Websites Since 1990
  • HTTP and HTML
  • PHP and Other Server-Side
  • JavaScript and Other
    Client-Side Technologies
  • What's Been Missing?
  • Understanding AJAX
  • Building a Simple Application with AJAX and PHP

AJAX Suggest & Auto Complete

  • Introducing AJAX Suggest and Auto Complete
  • Google Suggest
  • Implementing AJAX Suggest and Auto Complete

Client-Side Techniques with
Smarter JavaScript

  • JavaScript and the Document Object Model
  • Playing with JavaScript and the DOM
  • JavaScript Events and the DOM
  • JavaScript, DOM, and CSS
  • Working with CSS and JavaScript
  • Creating and Using the XML Http Request Object
  • Creating Better Objects for Internet Explorer
  • Initiating Server Requests Using XML Http Request
  • Handling Server Response
  • Making Asynchronous Calls with XML Http Request
  • Working with XML Structures
  • Making Asynchronous Calls with XML Http Request and XML
  • Handling More Errors and Throwing Exceptions

Server-Side Techniques with

  • PHP and DOM
  • Doing AJAX with PHP 66
  • Passing PHP Parameters and Error Handling
  • Connecting to Remote Servers and JavaScript Security
  • Working with MySQL
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Manipulating Data
  • Connecting to Your Database and Executing Queries
  • Building the Friendly Application

AJAX Form Validation

  • Implementing AJAX Form
  • Thread-Safe AJAX
  • AJAX Form Validation

AJAX Drag and Drop

  • Using Drag & Drop on the Web
  • Shopping Carts & Sortable Lists

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