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Flash Animation Course Details

Flash is exciting to learn and it is still used widely to create 2D animation. Flash is used to create Multimedia presentation or Product presentation. We being one of the leaders in Product presentation development companies in Coimbatore can share tips and tricks to build effective product presentation, business presentations, banner animation, logo animation, character animation and image animation using Flash. Contact us to learn Flash Animation course.

Flash Animation Course Details

Duration:   16 Hours
Price:   Rs. 6500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred Only)
Timing:  5 Hours a Week

Flash Animation Course structure

  • Flash Animation
  • Project

Flash Animation course

  • Design, Animation & Content Creation in Flash CS5
  • Using the Drawing Tools
  • Setting and saving
  • colors & gradients
  • Smart Shapes
  • Copy & Paste Motion features
  • Understanding Frames & the Timeline

Symbols & the Creation
in Library

  • Symbols
  • Creating Motion & Shape Tweens
  • Motion guides
  • Importing Photoshop & Illustrator artwork
  • Masking Graphics & Animation
  • Customizing your workspace

Advanced Design Concepts
in Flash

  • Working with filter
  • Tweening filter effects
  • Designing buttons
  • Using Transitions & Assistants
  • Modifying Transformation Points
  • Using the Strings Panel

Flash Animation course

Action Script 3.0
Introduction in Flash

  • Working with Dynamic text fields
  • Variables and Data types
  • Creating Event Handlers
  • Adding Button functionality
  • Conditionals
  • Navigating to web pages
  • Creating feathered
  • Dynamically loading videos
  • Creating shared library items

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