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HTML4 Course

HTML4 helps you build static website, HTML4 is great tool to learn for beginners who aspire to become a web designer one day. Our HTML4 course is designed to help you groom and understand how a website works and prepare you as a professional web designer.

HTML 4 Course Details

Duration:  15 Hours
Price:   Rs. 3500 (Thirty Thousand Five Hundred Only)
Timing:  5 Hours a Week

HTML 4 Course structure

  • HTML4
  • HTML Documents
  • Project


  • Introduction to Types of websites
  • Why HTML
  • Difference between dynamic and static website
  • History of HTML
  • Hypertext and Hypertext Markup Language
  • The World Wide Web (WWW)

HTML Documents

Bootstrap CSS

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  • Headers tags
  • Body tags
  • Paragraphs and Formats
  • Elements of an HTML Document
  • Text Elements
  • Tag Elements
  • Special Character elements
  • Image tags and Table tags
  • Lists & Numbered list
  • Non-Numbered lists
  • Definition list
  • Anchor tag, Name tag etc
  • Hyperlinks - FTP/HTTP/HTTPS
  • Links with images and buttons
  • Links to send email messages
  • Text fonts and styles
  • Background colors
  • Background images