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Web Developer – Beginner

Looking for a professional training center in Coimbatore to learn PHP? Want to become a PHP web Developer?

You have visited the right place

We is the best place to learn your PHP Web developer course. We are located in the heart of the city, Coimbatore. We help students to learn and practice the latest technologies happening in web development industry. Being one of the experienced web development companies in Coimbatore we understand what is required to be a professional web developer. Our courses are designed, strategized to meet the current industry demands.

Why Learn PHP Course with us?

Yes we know why you are asking this question. There are too many institutes in Coimbatore saying that they are best coaching centers for PHP. But they cannot share you the real time experience gained in Web design or Web development industry. What separates fresher’s from experienced is the knowledge to use the right tools in right place. We considerable reduce the difference between the fresher’s and experienced by imparting professional training in a professional manner. We are one of the leading web development companies in Coimbatore with more than a decade of experience in developing dynamic websites for clients in Coimbatore. So learning a web application course with us is totally different. Our Faculties are real time web developers working on real time web applications projects so that they could share our valuable experience with you to mould you a web developer.

Course Objective

End of the course our students will be develop a Dynamic website using Core PHP and upload the website in web server.

Web Developer Course Details

Duration:   25 Hours
Price:   Rs. 16500 (Sixteen Thousand Five Hundred Only)
Timing:  5 Hours a Week

Web Application Development Course Feature/Structure

  • HTML 4
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Dreamweaver
  • FTP details
  • Mini Project


  • Introduction to Html
  • Headers tags
  • Body tags
  • Formats
  • Elements of an HTML Document
  • Text Elements
  • Tag Elements
  • Paragraphs
  • Special Character
  • Image tags

About Dreamweaver


  • Introducing to
  • A Quick Tour
  • Setting up Your
  • Working with panels

Website Definition

  • Understanding Local and Remote Sites
  • Creating the Local Site
  • Defining the Remote Site
  • Editing Site Definitions
  • Working with the Files Panel

Working with / Links

  • Creating Text Links
  • Targeting Links
  • Adding Named Anchors
  • Adding Links to
  • Adding Email Links

Adding Text to Your Pages

  • Adding Text
  • Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
  • Using Paste Special
  • Applying Headings
  • Checking Spelling
  • Finding and Replacing
  • Inserting Special Characters
  • Line Breaks
  • Non-breaking Spaces

Creating Basic Web Pages

  • Creating a New Page
  • Using Sample Pages
  • Titling Your Page
  • Adding Text to Your Page
  • Creating Links
  • Adding Images
  • Naming and Saving Your Page
  • Opening a Page
  • Previewing in a Browser

Working with Images

  • Adding Images
  • Adding Image
  • Aligning Images
  • Setting Image
  • Editing Images
  • Adding a Background
  • Creating Image Maps

Working with Tables

  • Creating a Table
  • Selecting Table Elements
  • Adding Rows and Columns
  • Merging and Splitting Cells
  • Formatting Tables
  • HTML Audio and Video
  • Labels & Passwords
  • Text Areas & Check boxes
  • Hidden fields
  • Option buttons

Page layout

  • Positioning Page Content
  • CSS Layout Basics
  • Using the Included Layouts
  • Laying Out Your Page
  • Using the Visual Aids


  • Controlling Color and Typography
  • Know about CSS
  • Benefits of CSS
  • How to use CSS
  • Creating layouts
  • Different types of Layouts
  • Layout Structures
  • Implement Design as Layout
  • Style Sheet Types
  • Style Sheet Rules
  • Embedded Style Sheets
  • Color Methods
  • RGB Values
  • CSS Comments
  • Cursor Styles
  • Text Styles
  • CSS Text Properties
  • Modify Text Styles
  • Font Styles
  • Modify Font Styles
  • Specifying Fonts and Font Sizes
  • Controlling Font Weight and Style
  • Control Margins and Padding
  • The Box Model
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Margins
  • Element Padding
  • Positioning
  • Create Borders
  • Arranging Elements with the Float Property
  • Scrollable Content Sections
  • Layout with Positioning
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Customize Cursors
  • Form Design
  • Customizing Form Styles
  • Background Images
  • Applying a Background Image
  • Accessible Style Sheets
  • Link Relationships
  • System Fonts and Colors
  • Print Style Sheets

JavaScript Details

Overview of Java Script

  • Where does Java Script Fit in?
  • Comparing Products & Prerequisites
  • Comparing Java Script to Java
  • The Purpose of Java Script

Building a Java Script Program

  • Using Java Script in an HTML Document
  • Hiding Java Script from old Web Browsers
  • Basic Syntax Used in Java Script Commands
  • Basic Commands




  • Introduction to Effects
  • Custom Effects with .animate() & Queue
  • The uses of JQUERY .queue()


  • $ vs $()
  • $( document ).ready()
  • Avoiding Conflicts with Other Libraries
  • No Conflicts & Attributes
  • Selecting Elements
  • Working with Selections
  • Manipulating Elements
  • The JQUERY Object
  • Traversing
  • CSS, Styling, & Dimensions
  • Data Methods
  • Utility Methods

jQUERY animations

  • Sliding & Easing
  • Fading & Toggling
  • Dealing with Durations


  • JQUERY Event Basics
  • Event Helpers
  • Introducing Events
  • Handling Events
  • Triggering Event Handlers
  • JQUERY Event Extensions


  • Finding and Evaluating Plugins
  • Advanced Plugin Concepts
  • JQUERY UI Widget
  • Append Outside of Loops
  • Optimize Selectors
  • Use Style sheets for Changing
  • CSS on Many Elements



  • Introducing PHP
  • Introduction to XMP server
  • Introduction to Web Server
  • Introduction to Cpanel
  • PHP and HTML with CSS Introduction
  • PHP and databases
  • Creating a PHP page
  • Using PHP tags
  • Language basics
  • Constants and variables
  • Identifiers
  • Operators
  • Conditional structures
  • Iteration and loops
  • Functions
  • Variable functions
  • Including files


  • Introducing arrays
  • Numerically indexed and associative arrays
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Sorting
  • Reordering
  • Manipulating arrays

PHP and the Web

  • Creating HTML content using PHP
  • Client side and server side embedding PHP in HTML
  • Creating forms
  • GET and POST: accessing form variables
  • Cookies
  • Session management

Managing Date and Time

  • Dates in PHP
  • Getting the current date
  • Converting a strained into a date
  • More date functions
  • Date calculations
  • Dates and databases (MySQL dates)
  • Using the calendar functions

Strings and Regular Expressions

  • Formatting strings
  • Comparing strings
  • Modifying string contents
  • Regular expressions
  • Joining strings
  • splitting strings

PHP and Database (MySQL)

  • How Web Database Architectures Work
  • Types of databases supported by PHP
  • Checking Input Data
  • Filtering Input Data
  • Connecting and Disconnecting Databases
  • Querying and Retrieving the Results
  • Selecting & working with the Databases
  • Creating tables manually
  • Choosing column data types
  • Altering tables after creation
  • Dropping tables
  • Dropping the whole DB
  • Inserting Data
  • PHP-MySQL Functions

Introducing Object Oriented Programming

  • Object-Oriented concepts
  • Lexical Structure of a class
  • Creating the constructor
  • Accessing attributes within the class using $this
  • Implementing methods
  • Calling class operations
  • Implementing Inheritance using extends
  • Implementing Polymorphism through method overriding
  • A look at abstract classes
  • Defining attributes and methods
  • Instantiating objects

FTP Server

  • Introduction to FTP
  • Download File uploading tools
  • Create folders in Servers
  • Upload website in root
  • Cpanel & Database creation
  • Different types of servers


Students need to create a design a basic template and build a 5 page website in student chosen business category.

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